jueves, 13 de agosto de 2009

Otra Dimensión 13/8/2009

Cheater Slicks - Mystery Ship
Psychedelic Horseshit - Crystals
Pere Ubu - Final solution
The Pagans - Street Where Nobody Lives
The Outsiders - Time Won't Let Me
The Rare Breed - Beg, Borrow, and Steal
The Ohio Express - The time you spent with me
Davila 666 - Callejón
The Stooges - I wanna be your dog
Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf
Yer Soul - Un Picasso en el sillón
Yer Soul - The ballad of Sad Cafe
Pickpockets - Never see me again
Big Star - You Get What You Deserve
Nazz - Open My Eyes
The Merry-Go-Round - Live
The Palace Guard - Falling, Sugar
The Leaves - Too Many People
The Merry-Go-Round - You're a very lovely woman
Love - The Good Humour Man He Sees Everything Like This
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Pride Of Man
Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love

"Otra Dimensión": en directo de lunes a viernes a las 23.30 de la noche y también por internet en http://www.rtpa.es/
You can listen to "Otra Dimensión" online! Live on the air Monday thru Friday at 23.30 at http://www.rtpa.es/: just go to "radio en directo" and then hit on "conectar", then hit the 'play' icon.

Atención grupos/sellos! Si os gusta la música que suena en el programa queremos recibir la vuestra!!!
Calling all bands/labels! If you like the music we play we want to hear yours!!!

"Otra Dimensión"//Radio Televisión del Principado de Asturias//Camino de las Clarisas, 263//33203 Gijón//Asturias//Spain


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